About Windward Design Group

A glimpse into the craftsmanship, quality, and family values that make us who we are.

Hand-Crafted in America Since 1991

What became Windward Design Group started out as a passion-fueled hobby in the backyard of our founder and president, David Peace. Over the past 30 years, one thing has always remained the same: the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that sparked in David’s backyard. As we’ve grown, we’ve prioritized working alongside local American business in order to help create jobs in our industry and guarantee unwavering quality in each and every product. In spirit and in quality, Windward Design Group is a testament to the American Dream.

Family Owned and Operated

Since it was little more than a dream in David’s backyard, Windward Design Group has been a family business first. That doesn’t just mean that our family values of respect, determination, and integrity are at the core of what Windward does. It means that each person who joins our team or does business with us becomes a member of our extended family.


At the core of Windward’s manufacturing process is the belief that the best outdoor furniture is the kind that’s hand-crafted, not the kind that’s mass produced. That’s why each of our pieces is carefully made with the highest-quality materials.


When you purchase furniture from Windward, you can count on it being everything you want it to be. We stand by the quality of our products, and we guarantee it with warranties for every purchase.


What’s the Windward difference? It’s being able to guarantee that every single piece of our furniture is of the highest possible quality in both composition and assembly, right down to the screws. We ensure this by:

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