Hotel Outdoor Furniture in Palm Beach

Give your guests the experience of their dreams with beautiful exteriors, complete with hotel outdoor furniture in Palm Beach that makes the most of the area’s climate.

Hotel Outdoor Furniture in Palm Beach

Take in
the Sun

Vacationing in Palm Beach looks different for everyone, but two things are common staples across the board: sun and sand. Make sure your hotel’s exteriors make the most of Palm Beach’s vacation-worthy climate with stunning furniture that’s built to last.

Excellent Quality

At Windward Design Group, our focus is on handcrafting furniture that’s built to last, helping to elevate your hotel’s outdoor spaces for many years and countless memories to come.


Your exterior furniture should elevate your spaces and tie into your interior design – even if that design evolves over time.

100% Made in the USA

As a family-owned and operated company, our priority is to craft beautiful, long-lasting pieces while supporting American materials sources. For these reasons, all of our pieces are completely sourced and crafted in the United States.

Elevate Your Spaces

Make your hotel a staple attraction in every guest’s vacation by investing in outdoor furniture that makes the most of Palm Beach’s picture-perfect climate.
Hotel Outdoor Furniture in Palm Beach

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