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Mayan Punched Metal

Mayan Punched Metal

Windward Design Group's Mayan table collection features a punched aluminum top with an aluminum capture rim and base.  Tables are sandblasted and powdered coated and made entirely in the US. Mayan tables make a great solution for both residential and commercial applications.

18" Side Table
24" Side Table
24"x 36" Coffee Table
18"x 34" Coffee Table
36" Conversation Table
42" Conversation Table
47" Conversation Table
30" Dining Table
36" Dining Table
42" Dining Table
47" Dining Table
42" Square Dining Table
36"x 54" Oval Dining Table
42"x 76"" Oval Dining Table
30" Balcony Table
42" Square Balcony Table
36" Balcony Table
42" Balcony Table
47" Balcony Table
36"x 54" Oval Balcony Table
30" Bar Table
42" Square Bar Table
36" Bar Table
42" Bar Table
47" Bar Table
36"x 54" Oval Bar Table

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