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MGP Tables

MGP Tables

Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) is a form of plastic called high density polyethylene (HDPE) that was originally developed for the marine industry, such as seating on boats.  It was quickly adopted for other outdoor applications including furniture, cabinets, signs and much more.  MGP will not rot, swell, blister, or delaminate.  MGP is a non-porous material  and therefore doesn’t absorb dirt, chemicals, or any liquid (including red wine and permanent marker) making it very easy to clean. It will hold up in salt water and chlorinated environments without fading or breaking down and is significantly stronger, more scratch resistant, and durable than furniture from recycled materials.

Round Side Table
Square Side Table
Rectangular Coffee Table
Oval Coffee Table
Conversation Table
28" & 30" Round Dining Tables
28" & 30" Square Dining Tables
Round Dining Tables
Square Dining Tables
Oval Dining Tables
Rectangular Dining Tables
28" & 30" Square Balc/Bar Tables
28" & 30" Round Balc/Bar Tables
Round Bar & Balcony Tables
Square Bar & Balcony Tables
Oval Balcony & Bar Tables
Rectangular Balcony & Bar Tables

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