Market Umbrella, Aluminum Pole

Market Umbrella, Aluminum Pole

This umbrella has an aluminum pole wall thickness of 2.05 mm and has 8 extruded aluminum ribs with a 12.7 mm thickness. Auto tilting.

Available with 12 different fringe trim options.

Style#               Size          Lift                   Pole                    Pack/lbs
MU-9CR-W     9' DIA      Crank     2Pc. Alum. White              20
MU-9CR-C      9' DIA      Crank     2Pc. Alum. Champagne     20
MU-9CR-TB    9' DIA      Crank     2Pc. Alum. Black              20
MU-9CR-WG   9' DIA      Crank    2Pc. Alum. Wood Grain     20

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